Role  Industrial Design, Prototyping, Arduino Programming Team Feng Ye Academic WorkYear 2012
NapBrick is an interactive lamp. It includes a dock and a “light brick”. The dock works as a normal lamp. The “light brick” works as an independent luminous unit and a timer, powered by rechargeable battery. It charges itself wirelessly when attached to the dock. When taken off from the dock, its light lasts for the set minutes. And by placing it in different orientation, you can toggle between the modes of timed illumination and always-on/off. Before light off, it flickers gently as if it is falling asleep. The seamless appearance of “light brick” makes it more like a creature rather than a device. It will be the ideal light source for bedside reading, or for searching for slippers when you wake up in the dark, or for giving a good mood for conversations at your backyard.
Design and Structure
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