Interaction designer        2017 - Now

Illustration by Google

"So what do you do as a designer for Google Maps?" 
Most of my works are on frameworks, design system, and they are collaborative and shared. But here are some of the works I can proudly say I took a lead in the UX:

Screenshots of Google Maps Go

Google Maps Go
Launched in 2017 - A fast, lightweight version of Google Maps tailored to new internet users, preinstalled on all Android (Go edition) devices

Android - Stories | Google For India Event(Video)​​​​​​​
Google Map on feature phone
Launched in 2018 - Making Maps accessible to non-smartphone users 

Screenshots of Google Maps on feature phone

Screenshot of Google Calendar with Google Maps

Google Maps for Workspace
Launched in 2020 - Maps embedded in your workflow
2021 launch press:
2022 update press:
Google Maps on desktop
The "OG" Google Maps, evolving for the future

Screenshot of Google Maps on desktop

Fun stuff
Where’s Waldo? (Screen record by Google)
Where’s Waldo? (Screen record by Google)
Snake (Screen record by Google)
Snake (Screen record by Google)
Google Maps
April Fools' game 2018 & 2019
2018 press:
2019 press:
Celebrating Brazilian Carnival
To celebrate the 2019 Carnival with Brazilian users, we created 3D floats for users to customize their navigation arrow.   

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