Role User Experience Design, Prototyping Team Alicia Siman Client AudicusYear 2015
Project Brief
Audicus is a hearing aid manufacture and online seller provides quality hearing aids with low price by selling them directly online.
In order to get a hearing aid, customers need to first upload their hearing test report, for Audicus to customize program the hearing aid. This hearing test process requires customers to schedule test with local ENT doctor or audiologist. It is a trouble for customers.  And is is also a big barrier for Audicus to convert potential shoppers into final buyers. 
Current Hearing Test Process
There is also options to do the self-test. Audicus also developed an free mobile app for preliminary hearing lost estimate. There is also self-testing devices existing. However, the first option can not generate accurate report since there is no control of what the phone and earbuds the test taker is going to use. And the second option, while being to give validate report, needs the test taker to go through a complicated calibration and wiring process. So here comes the question:
How can Audicus make self-service hearing test not a hassle?
Design Solution
After observations of users using self-test devices, ideations, sketchy prototypes, we came with the solution of Audicus Hearing Test Book. It is actually a like-book package with hearing test device and instructions embedded. The only thing that test taker need to connect is plugging the book into the usb port of a computer, to power up the device and bring up the new designed Audicus online test page. Then the test taker will be able to finishes the test, upload report and prepare device return all along with a simple step-by-step guided process, just like reading a booklet.
Instructions + Hearing Test Devices + Package
One Audicus Hearing Test book
The New Hearing Test Process with Audicus Hearing Test Book
New Hearing Test Experience
Making the Book
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