Academic WorkYear 2010
In the class of Smart Technology (by Prof. Loe Feijs and Dr. Jun Hu, TU/e ) When I just started my learning at International Design Institute of Zhejiang University, I encountered Processing and Arduino with my classmates. I was suddenly attracted by the power and ease of these two in creating beautiful interactive projects. I did some interesting explorations independently as well as in a team.
The Bang of Data
My very first Processing project. Inspired by the infographic of Jer Thorp, I decided to develop a simple generator to produce this kind of graphic. I call the work The Bang of Data. This piece of code could take a file input, and visualize the data in the file into a rotational bar charts and then save it as a pdf.
Gesture Control Music Player Interface
Later working in a team, I am exploring the possibility of embed the interaction with PC hardware or Arduino in Processing project. So we developed these gesture control music player interfaces. In the team of there, I was in charged of developing the interface and coding in both Processing and Arduino to make the interaction.

The first version took the power of JMyron library, which could track certain color using a pc camera. In the demo, you can see that we used a colored glove to slide the cover flow of the albums and enlarged one to play.
In the second version,  we used Arduino to read data from 2 light sensors. We wrote our own algorithm to filter the light sensor data and converted them into control parameters to the player.
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