Individual Academic WorkYear 2012-2013
A compact size wind turbine designed for use in both home and field. The special gear system integrated with the center axle give the wind turbine ability to switch between two different generators based on difference wind speed. This structure maximizes the turbine efficiency without adding complex electronic control system, thus makes the wind turbine robust, sustainable and low-cost. Filed in a shared patent CN 103883474 A.
In low wind speed
When the horizontal force (N, generated by wind contacting propeller) on the hub is smaller than the tension (Fs) of the central spring, the spring pushes the propeller hub to contact the front clutch plate. Under this situation, the wind turbine operates with front generator.
In high wind speed 
The horizontal force (N) is greater than the central spring (Fs), so the propeller hub shifts backwards and the front front clutch is disconnected. The centrifugal force of the blade (T) and clutch throwing block (T') rival the tension (Ft) from springs attached to the roots of the blades, puts the hub contacted with rear clutch. Under this situation, the wind turbine operates with rear generator.
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